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What to Know About Getting Gold Teeth

Many people all over the world have gold teeth. Most people get one because they like how it looks in their smiles. If a gold tooth seems like it would be something you would be interested in, there are a few things to know beforehand.

Part of a Dental Implant

You may hear people talk about getting a permanent gold tooth. A permanent tooth is more professionally know as a dental implant. This is when a small implant is inserted into your jawbone where it fuses with the bone tissue. The crown, your new gold tooth, will then be placed on top of the implant. Due to the durability of most structures, most gold teeth installed this way end up lasting a lifetime.

Gold Crown After a Root Canal

You do not have to get your gold tooth as part of an implant. You can simply get a gold crown placed over a tooth that has received a root canal. The reason why this is preferred is because a root canal will remove the nerve from a tooth, preventing it from feeling any sensations. A gold tooth can be sensitive to extreme temperatures the first couple of months after getting it, but with no underlying nerve, you will not have to worry about that at all.
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