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Gold Crowns vs. Grills: Questions to Ask Yourself

You want a celeb-worthy smile. But, you're not 100% sure if you're into the gold look for the long haul. Sure, gold teeth are I-T now. Superstars are sporting gold smiles and you're ready to commit to that stylishly expensive look. Wait just a moment. Are you completely certain that you want a mouth full of gold forever?

Even if your teeth aren't exactly in top shape, replacing them with gold crowns is a permanent fix. Before you commit, ask yourself a few questions. Along with these questions, compare the other options – making a mental list of the pros and cons of gold crowns vs. a gold grill.

Is It Purely a Style Thing?

Why do want gold crowns? Is it because someone famous has them? Or, is it because of you really, truly like the look? If your decision is based on the fact that the paparazzi keep snapping pics of celebs with gold smiles, crowns may not be the way to go. A mouth filled with (or at least partially filled with) gold crowns is pretty permanent. Yes, you can replace the gold with porcelain crowns later on. But, this can be costly and painful.

If you're not sure about your commitment to crowns, a gold grill may be a better choice. You'll still have a mouth full of bling, but you can take it off and leave it at home when you want your regular pearly whites to shine through.

Of course, if gold teeth really, truly appeal to you (and you don't care who else is wearing them), crowns may be okay.

How Easy Is It to Care for Gold?

This is where gold crowns may rule. You don't need to worry about special care with them. You have to continue brushing at least twice a day for two minutes each time, along with flossing. This is in addition to keeping your regularly scheduled dentist appointments. The crowns become part of your mouth. As part of your mouth, you need to care for them like you would your own natural teeth.

When it comes to gold grills, maintenance may pose a greater challenge. Even though you can take them off and brush your real teeth, you need to be vigilant about your at-home care. If pieces of food get caught in the area between your grill and your teeth or gums, you're putting yourself at risk for decay. Not only can this cause cavitiy and gum disease, but it can also make your breath smell – well, not so sweet. Taking the grill out periodically, including when you eat, can help to reduce the risks that plaque presents. Along with brushing and flossing regularly, you also need to clean the grill separately. This can minimize bacterial growth and make it smell fresh. Talk to your dentist about how to clean your gold grill and what to clean it with.

Never use gold or jewelry polishes or cleaners to keep your gold crowns or grill shiny and bright. These are poisonous and not meant for your mouth.

Are Gold Crowns Fixes for Broken Teeth?

Yes! Long before gold crowns were fashionable, dentists used them to replace broken, cracked and chipped teeth. As technology advanced, porcelain became the material of choice for crowns. Why? It looks natural and gives dental patients a natural smile. But, that doesn't mean you can't still choose gold to complete a broken tooth or as part of a dental implant (a full tooth replacement). Keep in mind; gold crowns are stronger than porcelain ones. Along with the look of gold, you'll also get a crown that's more chip-resistant than the tooth-colored version.

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