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Advantages of Having Gold Teeth

Having a gold tooth is typically considered to be a fad of the past. However, many people these days still opt for gold teeth. When you need a dental restoration, consider the benefits of having gold as the material.  

Great Protection

Gold is a highly durable substance. It is very difficult to chip and crack, so once you get your gold tooth, you will not have to worry about it breaking down for a while. You can eat whatever you like, and it is not going to damage the metal.

Creative Flourish

Some patients get gold restorations installed in the back of the mouth. Other people choose to get it more toward the front, so it becomes a fixture of the smile. It all comes down to the image you want to convey to others, and many people enjoy having a unique set of teeth.

Long-Lasting Aesthetics

With other restorations, it is possible it may start to lose its luster over time. They may not break, but they start to fade and dim in quality. Gold is not going to oxidize, so the restoration is not going to experience discoloration.
If this sounds interesting to you, then ask your dentist about getting a gold tooth. Find a dentist to do this for you by contacting Gold Teeth Baton Rouge at 225-775-0160.